Partnerships, inclusion and communication – latest news from the hub

In the last few weeks since the Hub began, we’ve been working with schools and partners to lay the foundations for year 1 of the Hub, and exploring opportunities for years 2 and 3. Below is a very quick update on some of the plans we’ve been developing  – and you can find out more at our first Hub event – but please contact me if you’d like to know more about any particular aspect.

•    Working in partnershipwe’ve been meeting with people around the county to find out more about the children and young people they work with, and how they as part of the network, can contribute to the Hub, or what services they need from the Hub. This ongoing process is including schools, commissioners of services for children and young people (eg in the local authority and voluntary organisations), and other music/arts organisations. Other partnerships will be formed over time, as the Hub develops.

•    Working with Gloucestershire Music Makers (GlosMM) – Gloucestershire Music Makers (GlosMM) is currently the other main strategic and delivery partner in the Hub and is responsible for:

a) developing the inclusion strategy – ways in which, over time, the whole hub can reduce any barriers to children and young people engaging with music education (from their life circumstances, to the type of school they attend and the type of music or learning offered). Overcoming these barriers is the business of everyone involved in music education. GlosMM will be focusing initially on children and young people who are:
* in care
* in special schools that work with children and young people with special educational needs or behavioural difficulties (also known as ‘EBD’)
*in Pupil Referral Units.
They’ll be contracting (and developing through CPD) others working with (or wanting to) vulnerable groups and those not already engaged in music-making, and identifying other gaps to ensure they get on the agenda as the work of the hub progresses. The next phase will include special schools working with children with disabilities.

b) developing the vocal strategy – working in primary and secondary schools, in particular with boys and young men, and engaging and developing other partners to work on this.

•    Making the work sustainable – to make the best use of limited budgets, we’ll prioritise working in schools/organisations where there is the best chance of music being integrated and embedded in the longer term. To do, this we’ll need to make sure that musicians and teachers with the right skills are available, can demonstrate that they can achieve what’s needed for each group of young people, and are directly connected with (and eventually contracted by) schools/organisations. We’ll be finding ways to show the impact and value of the work, and to share this so that more people working with children and young people commit to making music an integral part of their work.

•    Laying the foundations for our communications – We’re also working with Anita Holford, a freelance communications practitioner who some of you may know from the research she did into young people’s music making in Gloucestershire some years ago. Anita will be helping us to develop our communications to make sure we start of with a solid plan of action and an understanding of how and what we need to communicate in this new environment. Some of you may already have spoken with her about this.

We’ve based our plans on what you’ve told us is needed: now it’s your chance to help shape the Hub further, by coming to the Hub networking and CPD event to find out more and start to get involved.

Here’s to a happy and productive Autumn term, and an exciting new phase for music education in the County.

Malcolm Pollock, Head of Gloucestershire Music, lead organisation for the county’s music education hub


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